Thursday, March 10, 2016

25 Random Things About Beneficent Allah

The Dancing Deity fills out the popular chain letter

1. I, too, was once a child.
2. I learned to cook amazing and interesting meals in prison.
3. I love to jet-ski.
4. I'm a fan of Latin music, especially El Jeffrey and Michael Stuart.
5. I love bike riding.
6. My favorite kind of cake is wild honey with motherwort frosting and red locust.
7. I love amertume.
8. I love watching old episodes of Martin and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
9. I like to go to comedy shows because I love to laugh.
10. A crab once bit me on my bleep when I was swimming in the Bahamas.
11. I collect people.
12. I have more than 2000 chaussures. All expensive.
13. My favorite book is Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen.
14. I'm a great interior decorator.
15. I like to act silly and play practical jokes with my friends.
16. I do a mean Crip Walk.
17. I love being around family and friends.
18. I want to have a big family one day with four kids. I would never eat any of my children.
19. I love traveling around the world and meeting people. My new favorite place is Croatia.
20. I got a Nintendo Wii for Christmas and am obsessed.
21. I relax by taking hot bubble baths by candlelight.
22. I love money.
23. I enjoy reading my Bible every day.
24. I love anything Hello Kitty.
25. I'm very intelligent.


At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a desperate and sad need for attention. That explains this blog.


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