Tuesday, July 10, 2012


NB: I'm not a racist I'm a RACIALIST

- Russian woman, 40s: "Very nice glasses, BCBG Max Azaria, my insurance covered very good"

- Armenian girl, 20s: "I do marketing for a mortgage company"

- White girl, 20s, in nyc: "I couldn't live ANYwhere else!" and/or "I'm definitely a Carrie"

- Jewish girl, college, in paris, semester abroad: "J'ADORE le felafel!"

- White girl, 20s, in nyc: "I don't even HAVE a driver's license!"

- White I-banker guy: "Rosa Mexicana is great...delicious...she can get a salad...I'll get a burrito..."

- American college girl in italy, semester abroad: "Look at this purse!" and/or "I could LIVE off gelato"


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