Friday, November 30, 2012

DATE with Beneficent Allah

Once you're madd rich, it's amazing, there's lots of thin girls who are down to eat sushi with you, make out with you.. nutts seem to get even more rare though, which is counterintuitive unless you're from the jungle. You miiiiight get a handjob.. which is fine with me because I like to be kissing when I ejaculate.

The dates become formulaic too, especially with the BENEFICENT Allah. It's the same formula I've been using since I started blogging, really.. I guess I've perfected it now. Girls seem to like it but I'm getting bored..

- Do you know what a Gettier is? etc etc Gettiers are the existentialism to the Meme's essentialism.

- Oh you're going to Paris? You gotta hang out with my boy Remi! Here let me show you his youtube (sorry I know it's bad to show things on the internet bla bla):

- Have you seen The Jew Map?

- This is one of my favorite drives in Los Angeles, there are points where you can see all the lights of the Valley and all the lights of 310..

- Evian doesn't taste good but that's why it's good for your skin.


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