Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Post work hydrative Recessionary Sambar of Occidation (serves 1):

1/4 cup dry chickpeas
1 cup o' eau
2 packets whole foods wasabi (stolen)
4 (quatres) espices
1/8 cup dried barberries
3 twigs wakame seaweed
dash of "Dash o' Flax"
pinch of Motherwort "Female Body Balancer"

PREPARATION: Bring to a boullion for 15 minutes. Impatiently eat celery.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Cheese Description

- La Peral (Asturias, Northern Spain) Pasteurized Cow: The handiwork of a single producer, La Peral is - for most of the year - a pasteurized cow's milk cheese; from January to May sheep's milk may be added. It was created about 80 years ago by an Asturian dairyman who lived to be 106. The ivory interior is veined moderately blue-gray; weeps moisture at room temperature.