Saturday, July 05, 2008


In Paris I keep a rigid economy...but for philosophical reasons. I keep 2000 euros in my sock but I spend only on turnips and fruits, and the occasional artichoke if Katie's been a good girl.

We live in a chambre de bonne just outside the Jardin de Luxembourg, which is nice if you like that sort of thing. We have a private douche, but that's really all we have. We fuck to save space, and I clic-clac the futon in the mornings so we have room for yoga.

I study for the barreau in the cafe Katie works at, it's a book-themed place which is nice because she can sneak some snacks! Sometimes the spinstress/waitress tries to get me to order stuff but then I explain my rigid economy and the weak dollar and I'm lactose intolerrant...and besides why are there no artichokes on the menu?! Then she slinks off, intimidated by my big book and little ipod, and usually leaves me alone.

I drink a lot of water to help wash down the corpus of the law. I wake up most mornings with a backache and an idiot grin plastered on my face, which engenders a lot of "what? what are you smiling about huh?! what's so funny?!" so I make her drink 2 liters of water and send her off to work.


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