Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ode to my stillborn twin sister

I have no doubt I would have fucked
Your sexy friend and had her tell you
About the handprints left on her ass
"Please, stop, I don't want
To hear it" you would say

Your hair would be fine, but your eyelashes
And legs - flawless - you'd insist on Manolos
After laser hair removal
You would fearlessly bare your *poitrine*
(not unlike your brother)

You would have gone
To Stanford
Too skinny, too poor of circulation
To accompany Mahbod East

Your weakness for almond butter
Late at night
Would guilt you out of breakfast
After nights spent drinking

Your commitment to Zumba
And Soulcycle would inspire
Me not to eat

You'd sport hand-me-downs
From big sister Mastaneh
As if you're still an 80's teenager
In 2010, and consider cousin Maryam
Your style icon

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dreidel dreidel

LITTLE JUSTIN: Mahbod... are you still going out with...that blonde girl?
BENEFICENT ALLAH: Justin you mean Katie? You forgot her name?

He meant Betsy!

I dunno it made me feel pemp....