Thursday, December 20, 2007

Travel blog!

My apartment in Vienna is the ballerest place I have ever lived, with high ceilings and a heated towel rack. The building was a Hapsburg hôtel particulier, one of the eagle's heads is peeking into my's starin at me dogg.

Thom visited last week and made us go to the Cathedral and do other homo shit, otherwise I just eat pomegranates and go to the gym...what kind of Jewfus goes on vacation just to go to the gym, right? Best gym ever though. The interior is all wood and adorned with posters of 80's-era bodybuilders like Casey Viator (Schwarzenegger is conspicuously absent...verily, no prophet is accepted in his own country). In between country-western songs, they play a who's who of songs I am embarassed to admit I like...Seal's "Crazy", Billy Joel's "Piano Man"...and the #1 song in their playlist, C&C Music Factory's "Everybody Dance Now".

Honestly, honestly, how tight is that song?! I've heard it in there three times hard is the flow? Tryin to get a nutt so move yo butt, Everybody over here everybody over there.

I visited Hitler's hometown and I got so emotional...

There's a barber shop next to my apartment where they shave you and serve you tea like the old school. I went in and the dude shooed me away: "Like you see, we are very old, and we take only the old people..." I begged and pleaded, I told him I'm a writer (I consider myself an artist) from America and I needed him to shave me, at any price, so I could write about it. He gave in. Shaved me for free! (He did a whackass job, but...he's old...the tea was pretty good.)