Thursday, January 17, 2008


It faces west, and round the back and sides
High beeches, bending, hang a veil of boughs,
And sweep against the roof. Wild honeysucks
Climb on the walls, and seem to sprout a wish
(If we may fancy wish of trees and plants)
To overtop the apple trees hard-by.

Red roses, lilacs, variegated box
Are there in plenty, and such hardy flowers
As flourish best untrained. Adjoining these
Are herbs and esculents; and farther still
A field; then cottages with trees, and last
The distant hills and sky.

Behind, the scene is wilder. Heath and furze
Are everything that seems to grow and thrive
Upon the uneven ground. A stunted thorn
Stands here and there, indeed; and from a pit
An oak uprises, Springing from a seed
Dropped by some bird a hundred years ago.

In days bygone--
Long gone--my father's mother, who is now
Blest with the blest, would take me out to walk.
At such a time I once inquired of her
How looked the spot when first she settled here.
The answer I remember. 'Fifty years
Have passed since then, my child, and change has marked
The face of all things. Yonder garden-plots
And orchards were uncultivated slopes
O'ergrown with bramble bushes, furze and thorn:
That road a narrow path shut in by ferns,
Which, almost trees, obscured the passers-by.

Our house stood quite alone, and those tall firs
And beeches were not planted. Snakes and efts
Swarmed in the summer days, and nightly bats
Would fly about our bedrooms. Heathcroppers
Lived on the hills, and were our only friends.

- Thomas Hardy

Thursday, January 10, 2008

All I want for graduation...

hay mahbod khaneh gol I love you and we missed you last night at the hannukah party. janis got you a gift, so it will be waiting for you when you get back, that reminds me what would you want for your graduation gift, other than a patek phillip watch, anything affordable by us? let me know when you think about it, love you, hope you are having fun in vienna. your loving sis mojgan

Honestly, honestly, the top 4 things I want for graduation are:

4. A crystal gram of Peruvian yayo ($60; Dan N's boy Reuben)
3. Ten 100 dollar bills, with small faces ($1,000;
2. A Glock 22 ($390;
1. A Hugo Boss microfiber trenchcoat ($700;

But I would just feel silly asking my sister for any of that! So I asked for this...honestly, after those four - and the Patek Philippe - it is #6