Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rod Update

Hey just got an e-mail from The "Actual" Rod! he's in Cambodge...I'm visiting in 6 weeks:

Dear Beneficent Allah,

I arrive in Phnom Penh safely this afternoon with Sotheary! As the plan landed about 5 munutes, the sky started to rain heavily. All the road flooded, nothing strange every rainy season the road always flooded. As you are coming in the rainy season so be ready for this. Anyway it's better than Hot season, you melt like ice-cream!

I just want to say missing you guy, and tell that i'm very happy be friend with you, it was such a great time. I really looking forward to see you come down here, and sharing your experience to communities.

Once again, I'm always reachable with this contact, so if you ever have any question about Cambodia/need any assistant from me, don't be hesitate to contact me; i'll try to help the way i can.

My best regards to you!

Take good care,

PS: Send lot of thanks to Liam, Windy, & all the BAB's stuff in New Haven. Missing Venkat too!
Mr. Rodd Sanjabi
Junior Officer
Housing Rights Task Force
C/o Office:#54, Street 306,
P.O.Box: 1121, Phnom Penh,Cambodia